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Part of our design process includes 3D modelling.

Once created, these can be emailed to the client as a pdf, or if using an iOS device, full 3D images can be viewed and maipulated. This enables us to perfect the design and provide the client with a clear image of what will be fabricated.

3D scanning, design and fabriation of stainless steel curved roof capping at Chelsea Design Centre

3D Scanning

For areas difficult to survey in traditional methods, we can arrange a 3D scan of the area, input it into our modelling software to provide a complete model ensuring no collisions on site.  The roof of the Chelsea Design Centre was ideally suited for this - we carried out a number of 3D scans in one day on site.  We then designed the stainless steel curve confident it will be a perfect fit, eleviating the need for numerous site visits to take more measurements.


The Theatre at Alexandra Palace was built in 1875 but quickly fell into disrepair, having been hidden from public view for 90 years, it is now being restored to its original state. Emma Dagnes, Deputy Chief Executive for Alexandra Palace and Park described our work, "..Incredible steels, truss ends as we call them...fabricated to each individual timber that goes across this vast space"


A crane landing platform design and installed over delicate chemical pipe work using 3D Scanning and modelling.